Health is Won and Lost at the Cellular Level


  • There are critical nutrients required for the body to make new, healthy cells

  • Without healthy cells, it is impossible for the body to maintain health

  • It is important to have all the building blocks in the correct form and proportion to support your stem cells in making healthy new cells


Quality Makes a Difference

  • Many vitamins and supplements on the market today are not in their natural forms.

  • These often cannot be converted and used by the body either partially or completely.

  • Also, it requires the body’s resources to convert them utilizing enzyme substrates or ATP.

  • The goal of vitamin and nutrient supplementation is to provide resources the body can use—not use the body’s resources to make them usable.

  • When synthetic supplements can’t be converted to the useable form or eliminated, they can build up and become toxic. They can also interfere with the cellular functions that only natural versions can support.

  • Many supplements on the market today, especially capsules, also contain toxic fillers and packing additives—such as magnesium stearate.

  • These have been shown to be cell membrane disruptors, so new cells do not have membranes that support optimal function.

  • Magnesium stearate also requires digestive enzymes to break it down and release capsule ingredients.




  • RESTORE replaces up to 16 individual bottles of supplements, saving you time and money, and more convenient to get everything you need, everyday.

The ingredients used to make RESTORE are of the highest quality available and in their biologically active forms.


Many of the ingredients in RESTORE are specialized, and in some cases, are patented nutraceuticals available only with a license.

The ingredients in our raw protein powder are well-known for their potency and efficacy on the cellular level.


It is a waste of money to cut corners with substitutes or omit any one of these ingredients because they are all present and in the right forms to work together. Nutritionally, they are all essential to achieve the cellular energetics that will support your stems cells and help them regenerate new cells.

RESTORE also works because it isn’t missing essential ingredients or co-factors.

Other supplements are often missing important ingredients required for metabolic processes to take place and for the nutrients to work together. Even missing one element or not having the right form is enough to cause this problem.

Without all these essential co-factors, the mechanism of making new cells and supporting optimal wellness can be diminished and even grind to a halt.

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Here are examples of how RESTORE outperforms other supplements.




WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE—The Whey Isolate Protein Powder allows for a higher amount of protein gram-for-gram than other forms of whey protein and is prepared using cross-flow micro-filtration technology (CFM). CFM processes allow the whey to retain important immune features such as immunoglobulins while removing casein and lactose. Many who are lactose intolerant or casein sensitive have a much easier time with an isolate.

VEGGIE PROTEIN—The Veggie Protein Powder is a non-GMO, balanced fusion of Sacha Inchi, Brown Rice, Pea Powder, and Artichoke.

Additionally, BioCore EDGE™―a special digestive enzyme group of protease and peptidase enzymes―is included to help optimize digestion of whey (casein) and vegetable protein and delivery of amino acids. This ingredient is found in both RESTORE Whey and RESTORE Veggie.



Important in methylation pathways. A significant number of people with autoimmune disease have problems in the methylation pathways, affecting new T cell production and contributing to the formation of auto-antibodies.  Most supplemental folate is synthetic.

Natural Folate

  • Assists normal methylation metabolic pathways, reducing homocysteine

  • Supportes the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, as well as nitric oxide and the master antioxidant, glutathione

  • Improves DNA and RNA synthesis CRITICAL to making new cells

  • Helps in the liver to remove toxins from the body 

Synthetic Folate

  • Causes a build up of inflammatory homocysteine which can contribute to heart disease

  • Decreases dopamine and serotonin which can promote psychological and mood disorders such as depression

  • Competes for natural folate in the body

  • 50% of the US population cannot benefit from synthetic folate


Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble derivative of natural vitamin B1 that inhibits the formation of toxic substances, such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

  • AGEs have been implicated in numerous disorders in diabetics and non-diabetics alike including heart disease, diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy, and kidney disease.

  • Very few other supplements have this form of vitamin B1.



Many people think ascorbic acid is vitamin C and are surprised to learn it’s not.

  • Ascorbic acid is only a fraction of naturally occurring vitamin C.

  • Natural vitamin C is a complex of synergists including rutin, bioflavonoids, factor K, factor J, factor P, tyrosinase, ascorbinogen, and other components, including minerals like copper.

  • Over 90% of ascorbic acid in this country is made from GMO corn and volatile acids. This synthetic form of vitamin C can not give you the support your body needs.

  • RESTORE contains natural, whole food, organic, complete vitamin C that includes ascorbic acid and all its synergists—in organic camu camu fruit, acerola, and amla.



  • Vitamin K2 activates calcium binding in the bones.  

  • Vitamin K2 also activates another protein, called matrix GLA Protein (MGP), in soft tissue that is responsible for removing excess calcium that can accumulate in soft tissues such as arteries and veins.  This is significant because considering about 20% of atherosclerotic plaques are comprised of calcium from the early to more advanced stages of heart disease development. Supplementing calcium alone may even contribute to cardiovascular disease.

  • Vitamin K2 activated MGP is considered the strongest factor in preventing, and possibly even reversing, tissue calcification involved in atherosclerosis as described in the October 2008 issue of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

  • Other landmark studies include the European Journal of Nutrition in 2004 (Beyond deficiency: potential benefits of increased intakes of vitamin K2 for bone and vascular health) and Journal of Nutrition 2004 (Dietary intake of vitamin K2 is associated with a reduced risk of coronary artery disease: the Rotterdam study).

  • Vitamin K2 deficiency is common.

  • Without K2 there is accelerated calcium binding to blood vessels, contributing to heart disease making some calcium supplements dangerous!  




Niacin is critical for energy production and cardiovascular health.

  • Niacin in RESTORE is in its biologically active reduced form (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and is a patented, licenced ingredient.

  • It has been shown to increase brain activity in areas used for thinking, focusing, concentration, attention, memory recall, and decision making.

  • Taking the wrong form of niacin has been associated with high blood sugar, increased uric acid levels (can cause pain in people with gout), dry skin, stomach irritation, and heart burn.




Pregnenelone is a precursor to all steroid hormones including testosterone, progesterone, estrogens, and DHEA. It supports memory and adrenal function. It helps reverse the effects of stress, and improve mood and energy. Pregnenolone has been reported to make people smarter, happier, and to enhance job performance while heightening feelings of well-being. It can reduce stress induced fatigue. Pregnenelone may also reverse immune suppression caused by excess cortisol levels.



Glutathione is the "master antioxicant", and is believed to be one of only a few agents that can remove mercury from inside your cells. '

  • Eye and skin cells use glutathione to protect themselves against radiation.

  • Glutathione may help your body defend against oxidative stress from damaging free radicals, infections, toxins, pollution, poor diets, stress, aging, and radiation, but levels decline with age.

  • Standard glutathione supplements typically contain just its precursors because gluathione is not absorbed well.

  • RESTORE offers a special, licensed stabilized form of oral glutathione developed in Switzerland that has been shown in clinical studies to pass through the digestive tract intact. It also increased levels inside the cell where it can be used.




SAMe is the master methylator of the body—donating methyl groups to support many vital processes in the body (including DNA and RNA synthesis) and to help provide brain chemicals (such as the production of neurotransmitters—serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine—and their breakdown). SAMe is also involved in nitric oxide synthesis, and therefore, critical to cardiovascular health; glutathione synthesis; immune function; cell growth; and, gene expression. It is not found in food, and must be synthesized by your body.


30-40% of people have difficulty with normal synthesis of SAMe and benefit from SAMe supplements. RESTORE contains a patented version of SAMe that is bioavailable and does not require injection.


SAMe helps:

  • Ease symptoms of fibromyalgia, bursitis and tendinitis

  • Relieve chronic low back pain

  • Treat depression

  • Improve cognitive symptoms like the ability to recall information and remember words

  • Relieve the pain of osteoarthritis and improve mobility

  • Increase cartilage making cells, cartilage thickness, and possibly decreases chondrocyte damage


Alpha Lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant, a substance that neutralizes free radicals. What makes alpha lipoic acid unique is that it functions as an antioxidant in both water and fat environments, unlike the more common antioxidants vitamins C and vitamin E.

  • It appears to recycle antioxidants, such as vitamin C and glutathione, and helps restore their antioxidant capabilities once they have been used

  • Alpha lipoic acid helps amplify the positive effects of other antioxidants in the body, such as glutathione and coenzyme Q10—two essential compounds in the fight against aging and disease.

  • It teams up with the B-vitamin family to support energy production in the body by converting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, into stored energy for future use.

  • Alpha lipoic acid helps to protect mitochondria, the energy-producing factories of cells, from being damaged by oxidative stress, thus ensuring that energy production in the body remains efficient.

  • ALA increases the formation of glutathione.


CoQ10 is well-known for its heart and vascular health benefits. By helping the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria burn fuel more effectively, CoQ10 is able to protect not only the heart but every cell in your body.

  • Mitochondria need to burn fuel cleanly and efficiently to ensure their own integrity and longevity.

  • CoQ10 is an essential coenzyme that, when added to the diet, acts as a fuel additive to optimize mitochondrial performance, extracting the most energy with the least damage.

  • Additional benefits from CoQ10's mitochondrial energy boosting effects include protection from neurodegenerative diseases and mental health disorders, enhanced lung function, and protection from the effects of elevated glucose in diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  •  Studies estimate that when fulvic is combined with CoQ10, cellular energy gains may substantially increase. In a preliminary study, the combination of CoQ10 and fulvic produced a 56% increase in cellular energy production in the brain, 40% better than CoQ10 alone.*  In muscle, there was a 144% increase, or 27% better than CoQ10 alone.*

  • Fulvic works to boost CoQ10’s beneficial effects by:

    • Stabilizing CoQ10 in its powerful ubiquinol (reduced, electron-rich) form, thereby prolonging its action at the cellular level.*

    • Facilitating more efficient delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria, supporting greater cellular energy output.* 

  • Scientific analysis suggests that fulvic and other plant-derived essential substances promote mitochondrial metabolism.*

  • Fulvic acids protect mitochondria against oxidative damage and reduce dangerous lipid peroxidation.

  • Fulvic acid helps the mitochondria convert fats and sugars into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the body’s main source of energy.*

  • Fulvic acids also work as “electron shuttles” augmenting CoQ10 to speed and facilitate essential electron flow in mitochondria.*



MSM is a natural part of every cell function and is concentrated in the connective tissues of the skin, nails, and hair.  MSM is a source of organic sulfur and methyl groups and is a key nutrient for its diverse health benefits.


Malic acid, sometimes known as the “apple acid,” helps the body make ATP more efficiently. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the body’s primary form of energy currency.  Supplemental malic acid has been shown in research studies to increase the energy production capacity of the cell.



Calcium pyruvate occurs naturally in the body as food is digested and turned into energy. It helps deliver glucose and protein to the cells and assists the body to function, burn energy, and prevent food from being stored as fat.  Calcium pyruvate increases the cycle that converts food to energy speed, making more energy available for use.



Ribose is a member of the sugar family. Along with oxygen, it plays an essential role in the production of ATP, a molecule that provides cells with most of the energy they need to function. ATP cannot be synthesized without oxygen and ribose. Not only is ribose a structural component of the ATP molecule, but ribose also helps comprise the genetic materials, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA).  While coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and L-carnitine both directly support ATP recycling, the most efficient means of energy metabolism, D-ribose helps ensure there’s enough original ATP synthesized for your mitochondria to recycle.



Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized ("burned") to produce energy.  It also transports the toxic compounds generated out of this cellular organelle to prevent their accumulation. Given these key functions, carnitine is concentrated in tissues like skeletal and cardiac muscle that utilize fatty acids as a dietary fuel.




Creatine increases ATP production. It is naturally produced in the human body from amino acids from L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine[5] primarily in the kidneys and liver. It is transported in the blood for use by muscles. Approximately 95% of the human body's total creatine is located in skeletal muscle.



Tyrosine is the building block of thyroid hormones. It is also a component of the production of several essential brain chemicals including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine necessary for the fight or flight response that involves the entire body. N-Acetyl-Tyrosine is included in RESTORE raw protein powder because it is the more rapidly absorbed and bioavailable form of the amino acid L-tyrosine.


Colostrum has been clinically proven to help repair and protect the GI tract, help build lean muscle and burn fat, and impart crucial immune system support. Colostrum provides growth factors, immunoglobulins, cytokines, and proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs)- ptotiens that balance the immune system at the control center, the thymus.


Lecithin, also known as phosphatidylcholine, is a fat, or lipid, material found in the membranes of all living cells and functions to regulate the entry and exit of cellular nutrients. Sunflower lecithin has a favorable phospholipid profile. Sunflower lecithin is rich in phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylinositol (PI), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), and omega-6 (linoleic acid), which are considered beneficial to the brain and nervous system. In fact, your brain is approximately 30% lecithin.

Lecithin has shown positive effects in scientific studies on the following conditions:

  • Cognitive disorders

  • Helping to maintain healthy lipid levels

  • Choline depletion

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Improving memory

  • Stress-related disorders

  • Nervous system disorders

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) helps to process fats and to support cell membranes. It is very high at birth, particularly in brain tissue, and declines over time as part of the aging process. Consuming dietary supplements high in PC aids the natural level in the cells and helps minimize the age-related decline. Phosphatidylcholine is an important neurotransmitter, particularly when it comes to short-term memory functions.

Phosphatidylinositol (PI) is a vital lipid abundant in brain tissue and is present in all tissues and cell types. Phosphatidylinositol is usually the phospholipid with the smallest presence. However, sunflower lecithin in Dr. Tennant’s RESTORE has an equal amount of PC and PI.  


Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) is usually the second most abundant phospholipid in animal and plant lipids, and is a key building block of membrane bilayers. It is found in nervous tissue, such as the brain, nerves, neural tissue, and in the spinal cord.

Linoleic Acid (LA) is an omega-6 essential polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is abundant in many vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil. Linoleic acid is vital to proper health and aids in wound healing.*




  • Linolenic acid is a fatty acid. Fatty acids form the building blocks of lipid molecules, contribute to the structure of cell membranes and hormones, and provide your cells with energy, among many other functions.

  • Linolenic acid is regarded as essential, meaning that your body requires it for health but cannot produce it from other fatty acids. So you must obtain it through your diet.

  • Linolenic acid is different from linoleic acid and is the primary source of omega-3s from plants, such as flax and pumpkin seeds, in the form known as alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA.

  • Your body converts ALA, an essential fatty acid, into the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, which exert inflammation-lowering benefits, thin the blood, and contribute to healthy cell membranes and brain function. These fatty acids may also help prevent and treat some forms of cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.