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Mignon Walker, MD

Mignon Walker, MD, began a lifetime career of promoting health and wellness as a Stanford University School of Medicine/USC Family Medicine graduate.  The limitations of western medicine and her desire to facilitate deeper, more life-changing healing led her to train with a master healer in India and Germany over an 8 year period. There she learned ancient techniques used in a 2500 year old oral master-student lineage and tradition that originated with Jīvaka, the physician to the Buddha. These techniques are not published in books, but are found on original 2500 year old Sanskrit scrolls, which provided the basis of Dr. Walker’s training. 


Trusting her intuition and cultivating clarity through structured 10 days of silence meditations and stillness, she has grown in her ability to be a medical intuitive, guiding people past illusions, and into a space where they can gain clarity on what they want, and achieve it. Most recently, she has completed a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour training course with an emphasis on Kundalini and Tantra Yoga, and will be expanding on this area of her training through 2021. Clarity, and complete healing and integration of your physical, emotional, sexual, energetic, and spiritual bodies is the goal of her work which then trickles into manifesting the life you desire using the techniques she teaches.  These restorative experiences and teachings often help remove blocks and open the possibility of being happy now, and being more harmonious within your own choices and experiences.  There are a lot of myths about what Tantra is, and the reality can be a little surprising.  It essentially means "thread" and represents an ideology and set of principled practices that allow one to find bliss during this lifetime.  Coming soon, are private Tantra workshops and retreats aimed toward helping people reconnect with the best parts of themselves and each other.


Dr. Walker's background also includes functional medical care, medical weight loss, laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  She has been an instructor of Botox and fillers since 2008, and the owner and/or medical director of several flourishing businesses. She is currently semi-retired, and is licensed to practice medicine in Utah and California.  She comes highly recommended by the people she has had the pleasure of working with based on her professionalism and insight.