Do you find yourself having trouble focusing or remembering? Feeling confused or disorganized?


Are you dragging through your days in a fog sometimes?


Do you feel as if you’re just not your best self?


Mental fatigue, commonly called brain fog, can have numerous causes, from lack of sleep and stress, to side effects from medications, neurological disorders, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies.

Brain Food is designed  to provide your brain the nutrients it needs for cognitive focus and mental acuity.


You experience brain fog when you do not have enough glucose-based fuel or when there is impaired glucose utilization in the brain. Your brain uses glucose as a substrate for energy but will use ketones for energy when not enough glucose-based fuel is available. Your body can use ketones ingested, or your liver can make ketones from medium-chain triglycerides (fatty acids).

Ketones and MCTs


Your brain needs a lot of energy. Even though it’s only about 2% of your body, your brain needs 20% or more of the energy you consume. Ketone bodies can feed the brain and can act as primary fuel for cognitive activities.  Brain Food has Beta-HydroxyButyrate (BHB) as DL-3-HydroxyButyric Acid Calcium Salt. BHB is a ketone that the brain utilizes instead of glucose.


Your brain utilizes BHB even more efficiently than glucose. Ketone bodies like BHB can cross the blood-brain barrier for utilization as well as cell membranes and the inner mitochondrial membrane. Mitochondria inside your cells process the intake of food and oxygen and make energy for your cells. That’s energy you need!

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides, such as those found in coconut oil, which your liver can convert directly into ketones. MCTs, which are a type of fatty acid, have benefits beyond regular fats and long-chain triglycerides, because they have a lower calorie content than other fats, are more rapidly absorbed by the body, and more quickly metabolized as fuel for organs.


Mental Clarity


Low levels of GABA and increased levels of glutamate can also cause brain fog. Glutamate is the excitatory neurotransmitter. GABA is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel calm and counters glutamate.

For mental focus, we need a balance of the two. Ketones, such as BHB, are linked to an increased feeling of calmness or state of well-being due to their ability increase GABA signalizing.

Ingredients in Brain Food formula serve to support ketone activity, palatability, and delivery:

  • Coconut oil fiber contributes MCTs that support the effectiveness of BHB, as does MenaQ-7 (vitamin K2). K2 was added primarily to assist with supplemented calcium metabolism. BHB as a calcium salt provides 50% of the daily value (DV) of calcium. This prevents supplemental calcium from depositing into soft tissues such as cardiovascular tissue and the formation of plaques. K2 assists calcium storage in bones.

  • Fiber and protein provide a weight management function as well as a prebiotic function.

  • Sunflower lecithin is a known emulsifier.  It is included for its phosphatides, such as phosphatidylcholine and others, that support brain function and mitochondrial activity (energy) in the brain.  

  • Butyric acid is very commonly produced by digestion; and Butyrate, a derivative, is produced by beneficial "good" microbes and helps promote beneficial bacteria colonies.

  • Monk fruit extract provides a natural flavor and sweetening.

  • Prohydrolase digestive enzyme group is proven to help digest supplemented protein quickly for easier digestion and absorption, which promotes a feeling of fullness to help curb the appetite.* Also, without the addition of specialized enzymes, undigested protein supplements are not broken down to their amino acid building blocks, and the amino acids are not absorbed by our bodies. Undigested protein is not absorbed and can build up and become toxic in the GI tract. 

There is no caffeine in Brain Food. Many products offering enhanced brain energy include caffeine as a stimulant.  With Brain Food, you can avoid the false energy of caffiene that leaves you feeling drained and dired.

Brain Food is designed with premium ingredients that are:

  • Biologically active

  • All natural

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten free

  • Made in the USA


Why use Ketones and not cheaper ingredients like other nootropics on the market?


Many people experience difficulty thinking and trouble with memory recall. Most also experience a mental lull in the afternoon from time to time.

Many of the nootropic products on the market include vitamins such as B12 and supplements like St. John’s Wort, and other agents that can increase blood flow and raise blood pressure in the brain, as well as caffeine (a stimulant). There are dozens of products on the market with prices ranging from $10 to $100, yet they do not meet our high expectations for effectiveness and low tolerance for risk. Some ingredients in the nootropic supplements on the market do help with cognition and mood but also have significant drug interactions.


Knowing that the brain requires more energy than any other organ in the body and that it uses glucose converted from the food we consume, Brain Food was designed to address what happens physiologically when you have a glucose deficiency. When the body has no more glucose for the brain, the liver produces ketones. It does this with whatever fuel it has available. In situations where there is not enough food, such as during starvation, the liver produces ketones from your body’s fat and then protein (muscles). This is what is known as a state of ketosis.*

How do I take Brain Food?

Brain Food can be mixed with whatever liquid you prefer. Many prefer to simply mix it with water. It is recommended not to take more than four servings a day and not within a four-hour period between servings.