medical marijuana card

We provide clinic based and in-home evaluations for medical cannabis cards to adults (21+) who qualify for medical marijuana therapy. 


We help you get your card as fast as possible. Navigating the system is tricky when you first get started.  We have helped countless people get their Utah medical cannabis application completed for the state without the kind of errors that cause delays.

The Fastest Way To Get Approved for Medical Marijuana in Utah

We understand how to navigate the system to avoid pitfalls and get you certified without delays. And we are not like the other certifiers who dump you after your first visit and make it difficult for you to recertify and keep your card valid.

Requirements for getting a medical cannabis card in Utah: 

  1. Reside in Utah and have a valid ID. 

  2. Have an approved condition determined by the Utah Department Of Health.

  3. Register with the Utah Department of Health Medical Marijuana Registry.

  4. Get certified by a Utah state qualified medical provider (QMP- Dr. Walker).

  5. Pay the Card Holder Fee to the state of Utah.

Complete Your Application & Get Your Card Quickly

First make sure you have a qualifying condition that meets the criteria for medical marijuana in Utah.  We will also verify this at the time of your consultation.

If you don't have an online Utah ID account, you can sign up for one here for free.  

Log on to the Electronic Verification System (EVS).  Near the top left corner of the page, there is a link for the "Tracking Inbox".  Click on that to find the "Patient" link.  It will open a dropdown menu with a link that says "Patient", and a separate button that says "New Patient". Click on the "Patient" link.  This will open the application page.  Complete ALL fields, then click the "Submit" link at the bottom.  

Complete a brief health history and request an appointment. We will send you a link to our medical records portal where you sign the clinic forms and consents and prepay for your visit. You will need a valid state issued UT identification present with you during your appointment.  Applications are processed during your appointment, and you should have your card within a few business days.  

Available Discounts:  Veterans, seniors, college students and groups may qualify for discounts. Inquire when you schedule your appointment for the coupon code.

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